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The local furniture demand is booming


The relative improvement of security in the country has granted a somewhat promising economic activity. After almost three decades of anarchy, the business boom has kept a steady trajectory for the past three and a half years.

The future of Somalia’s furniture & decor market looks promising despite sporadic security challenges in the capital Mogadishu.

The capital’s demand for furniture products supply chain is characterized by the ever-increasing establishment of new businesses.

There is growing optimism in the future performance of the furniture & décor industry as Somalia revives the economy through real estate projects and increased issuance of new business licenses.

The housing units are in addition to the increasing demand for the relocation of IDPs to accommodate the increasing population, which could also trigger long-term demand for quality home furniture in Somalia in the drive to improve the aesthetic look of the nation.

Also, the continuous renovation of the different state institutions has sharply increased the office furniture products demand, since the current government election, the capital Mogadishu keeps on experiencing iconic structure renovation and citywide revitalization.
One of the key players in the space furnishing and décor companies in the market is Saabaan.

The company is the first one to establish a furniture factory in Mogadishu Somalia to produce locally made furniture, this has paved the way for numerous other companies is following suit.

Today the locally made products that Saabaan offers include office interior decoration which is the new trend for new businesses, other Saabaan products that have successfully rivaled imported furniture products include:

• Bedroom furniture such as Somali stylized bedroom sets and décor
• Locally designed sofas, and business couches
• Office furniture such as chairs and branded tables.
• The trendy home and office décor

One activity that has positively impacted the furniture industry is the ease of business registration agenda taken by the current administration.

Today the business in Somalia is increasingly becoming competitive since a lot of diasporas a returning back to the country and taking advantage of the new business registration process undertaken by the ministry of industries and commerce which has significantly reduced the time process it takes to register a company.

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