U.S. Mission to Somalia Alarmed at Radio Daljir Closure


Press Statement


United States Mission to Somalia

U.S. Mission to Somalia Alarmed at Radio Daljir Closure The United States Mission to Somalia is alarmed by the June 23 closure of Radio Daljir by the Puntland Minister of Information, in direct contradiction of the right of free expression.  

We urge the Puntland government to honor its commitment to our shared support for press freedom and reopen Radio Daljir without delay.   

Freedom of expression is a universal human right, as outlined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and protected under Article 18 of the Somalia Provisional Constitution.  

This freedom is critical to a free society and to an open and transparent electoral process.   

The United States salutes Somalia’s journalists who, day in and day out, struggle under extreme threat to their safety and well-being, to defend this inalienable right on behalf of the Somali people.

Raymond W. Stephens
Public Affairs Officer United States Mission to Somalia Office  +254-20-363-6644 SomaliaPublicAffairs@state.gov