Vision 2060 to lift Somalia's economic fortunes, says Hassan Sheikh


President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud believes the unveiling of Vision 2060 will tremendously uplift Somalia's economic fortunes, should the country implement the proposals without derailing. 

While unveiling the Centennial Vision 2060 Development Process, Hassan Sheikh maintained that the strategy will form the basis of economic stability of the Horn of Africa nation which is also actively fighting terrorism. 

According to him, conflicts, insecurity, droughts and floods have been the major challenges the country is struggling with, adding that Vision 2060 serves as an interlink between the current and future generations.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stated that the project can only be successful through the collective efforts of all Somali people and stakeholders from various sectors.

“Today, we are starting a new journey, a journey that will lead our country to prosperity and progress. The Millennium Vision 2060 shows our commitment to overcome the current challenges, creating a solid foundation for the generations to come,” he said.

Three components were identified including ending terrorism and finding solutions for humanitarian issues [2023-25], building institutional capacity and reforming government structures [2025-40] and addressing economic challenges [2035-60]. 

The vision, he argues, symbolizes a unified commitment to a brighter future, marking a significant milestone in Somalia’s journey towards sustained growth and prosperity.

“As we embark on this transformative journey outlined in the Centennial Vision 2060, let us draw strength from the resilience and perseverance of our people. Their unwavering commitment to our nation, their tireless efforts for peace, justice, and a fair society are the bedrock of inspiration,” he said.

He added: “The government is not just an entity; it is about the people, and the people are the primary agents of change. Our collective commitment will define the success of the Centennial Vision 2060, and together, we shall shape a future where Somalia thrives in unity, prosperity, and resilience.”

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has invested in the fight against Al-Shabaab militants who control a number of frontlines but in recent months, the militants have been dislodged from strategic towns across the country. According to him, by December 2024, the militants would have been completely eliminated from the country.


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