Win for Somalia as IGAD appoints Ex-regional state leader as Deputy Secretary


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia made significant strides as it fought for more power and influence across the region, following the appointment of Mohamed Abdi Waare as the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Inter-Governmental Authority and Development [IGAD].

At Djibouti, various Head of State and governments have gathered to discuss regional security particularly the war in Sudan which has threatened to destabilize the entire Horn of Africa and potentially spill over to the East Africa region.

But of great importance was the appointment of Waare, a former Hirshabelle state president and presidential advisor, with information minister Daudi Aweis making the pronouncement on Sunday shortly after the confirmation.

"In a significant win for Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Ware’s appointment as Deputy Executive Secretary General of IGAD elevates Somalia's influence within the region and internationally, marking a key diplomatic achievement for the Federal Government," Aweis said.

Waare, who accepted the appointment, thanked President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for pushing for the appointment, which now puts Somalia on the regional map in terms of decision-making on matters of development and stability.

"Excellency, I am deeply gratified by my Government’s nomination, lobbying, and support to attain this honored appointment. While I now work for the entire Region, the lessons I have learned in Somalia since my childhood to HE Hassan Mohamud’s last piece of advice, I am truly grateful," he said.

Besides promoting development, IGAD is a critical body in pushing for peace and stability within the Horn of Africa and the influential Post of Deputy Secretary General will help Somalia to call shots whenever needed.

The appointment of Waare came just over three weeks after Somalia successfully joined East Africa Communications [EAC], becoming the 8th member. The country is also fighting Al-Shabaab militants successfully having made important gains.


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