Somalia: Political standoff amid Somaliland polls delay


HARGAISA, Somaliland- Somaliland government rule to separate parliamentary and presidential election has caused a stir among major political parties, Garowe Online reports.  

Earlier President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has postponed parliamentary elections until government hold a review and redistributes the parliamentary seats for regions that are under-represented. The ruling was approved by Somaliland’s parliament but opposed by UK and voiced its concern from delaying the polls, saying the decision will undermine international donors’ relationship with Somaliland.

On the other hand, Wadani opposition party has rejected Somaliland government decision and welcomed International community call to hold parliamentary election in its stipulated time in March 2017. The delay is not in line with the Constitutional court decision to hold presidential and legislative elections simultaneously, National Election committee is mandated to hold both elections in its schedule, read the press statement released by Wadani party.

In August 2015, Somaliland’s Constitutional court has ruled to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in March 2017, after a long-running dispute between Ruling Kulmiye Party and major opposition parties.

In response to International community's statement, Somaliland government’s Spokesman Husain Deyr said that the decision to separate the elections is in the best interest of Somaliland people, as the government is striving for inclusive representation by Somaliland people in the upcoming parliament.  

Somaliland’s Kulmiye ruling party has supported government decision to postpone parliamentary elections and called opposition parties to respect government ruling.  

Somaliland located in northwestern Somalia declared independence in 1991, but the world has so far withheld recognition.


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