Somalia: Britain concerned as Somaliland delays polls


HARGEISA, Somalia-Britain Saturday expressed a serious concern over the postponement of parliamentary elections set for March 2017, Garowe Online reports.

British government said in statement that it is deeply concerned about Somaliland President’s decision to delay legislative polls, and split general elections, adding that such a move could hurt international community’s confidence in Somaliland’s democratic maturity.

International community further warned that the President’s unconstitutional move is troubling for the separatist administration ties to the partners.

If adopted into effect, international community threatened with funding cut on account of integrated electoral budged initially allotted for parallel Presidential and parliamentary polls.

Somaliland parliament yesterday approved the proposal put forward by the President in an overwhelming vote.

52 of 59 MPs present voted in favor of splitting 2017 polls into two under the chairmanship of the first Speaker of Parliament Bashe Mohamed Farah.

Parliament Speaker and Wadani Opposition Party Leader Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi (Irro) did not attend the controversial vote.

Somaliland, located in northwestern Somalia declared its independence from the rest of the country as a de facto sovereign state in 1991 but it has not been recognized internationally yet.


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