Somalia: Members of Somaliland Kulmiye ruling party join opposition party


HARGAYSA, Somaliland- Former government officials from Kulmiya ruling party have formally joined Wadani opposition party on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports.

The move came following earlier row between ruling party members for the election of Muse Bihi in Kulmiye party elections for candidate for the upcoming Somaliland presidential election.

Among the members who joined Wadani party are former Presidential Affairs Minister, Hirsi Ali Haji and former Foreign Minister, Mohamed Bihi Younis.  

The joining of former Kulmiye officials culminated long standing talks with Wadani party and both have agreed officially on seats allocations for the new members.

There are three political parties in Somaliland, Kulmiye ruling party, Wadani and UCID opposition parties. Somaliland presidential election is expected to be held in March 2017.

Somaliland located in northwestern Somalia declared independence in 1991, but the world has so far withheld recognition.