Somalia: Somaliland begins voter registration in Sanaag


ERIGAVO, Somalia-Voter registration exercise has officially started in northern Sanaag region before breakaway Somaliland goes to polls by March 2017, Garowe Online reports. 

National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced that 206 wards have opened for the process of registration as of Saturday morning.  

Election Commission Spokesman Saed Ali Musse said, the exercise will only be monitored at the specified venues for one month.  

Badhan and Dhahar residents—controlled by arch rival Puntland-- will not update their details on voter rolls due to drought, he added.  

Somaliland will proceed to the launch of voter registration in highly contested Sool region after 30 days according to Electoral Board.  

The exercise has so far been conducted in five regions. Incumbent President Ahmed Mohamed (Silanyo) whom the country’s all-powerful traditional forum propped up with a term extension will not be on the ballot during 2017 vote.  

Somaliland, located in northwestern Somalia declared its independence from the rest of the country as a de facto sovereign state in 1991 but it has not been recognized internationally yet.


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