​Somalia: Somaliland blames US, UK for ignoring bid for independence


HARGEISA, Somalia-The Leader of Somaliland’s influential House of Elders SalebanMohamudAdan has criticized international community for ignoring Somaliland’s bid for independence, Garowe Online reports.

Addressing members of traditional forum in the capital, Hargeisa, Adan said, he is furious at the challenges impeding Somaliland in recognition, pointing fingers at US and UK for their reluctance.

“Big powers are against us, especially the United States and United Kingdom. I mince no words in this regard, they are indifferent to our bid [for independence],” said the Chairman of House of Elders.

Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte, himself from Somaliland, hopes UN-backed national government and Somaliland to resume another round of dialogue.

Turkey-brokered talks previously hit brick wall over attendance of members said to be dissenting Somaliland natives last year.

Somaliland, located in northwestern Somalia declared its independence from the rest of the country as a de facto sovereign state in 1991 but it has not been recognized internationally yet.


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