Somalia: Somaliland election campaigns to end on Friday

By Staff Reporter , GAROWE ONLINE
KULMIYE supporters.

HARGEISA, Somaliland - Somaliland is moving closer to the deadline of the Presidential election which is expected to take place next week, November 13, Garowe Online reports.

Three Presidential candidates from UCID, KULMIYE and WADDANI parties, namely Feysal Ali Warabe, Abdirahman Irro and Muse Bihi Abdi respectively are vying for the Presidency.

The aspirants will be wrapping up their Election campaigns in the major towns and regions next Friday as they struggle to win the votes of the registered voters before going to the coming election.

Muse Bihi Abdi, KULMIYE's flag bearer held his campaign rally in Erigavo district of Sanaag region on Monday, November 6 and made promises for the locals if he is elected as the President of Somaliland.

The rival candidate from the Political party of WADDANI, Abdirahman Irro is set to speak his supporters in the same city on Tuesday, the final turn out of his bid for the top seat of Somaliland.

WADDANI party supporters

The ongoing election campaigns are set to be concluded in Hargeisa, the administrative capital of Somaliland on Friday and there will be two-day break ahead of the voting.

The people of Somaliland will go the polls to elect their 5th President on Monday, November 13 from the three candidates running for the seat, according to the state's electoral commission. 

Outgoing 4th President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Siilaanyo will not run for re-election

The outgoing President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Siilanyo will not run for re-election as he leaves office after serving his constitutional term. He has been in power since 27 July 2010.

On the other hand, the leaders of Somalia's Federal Member states and the central Government who held a week-long consultative forum in Mogadishu have applauded the election in Somaliland.

Located in the northeastern part of Somalia, Somaliland declared independence on May 18, 1991, but no other country has officially recognized it’s independence.