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Somalia: Somaliland ex-Minister dies of heart attack


BURAO, Somalia-Former Labour and Social Services Minister Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir, and one of legendary founders of UDUB political party has died of heart attack in northwestern Burao town on Wednesday according to relatives and politicians, Garowe Online reports. 

Abdullahi Geljirre who served in same cabinet with Aw Dahir before a mass resignation over intraparty leadership wrangle has confirmed the passing to GO.

Late Aw Dahir had been admitted to Burao General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He resigned alongside a group of ministers and deputy ministers in late 2015 after a long dragging wrangle over the candidacy of veteran Muse Bihi Abdi for Somaliland presidency in 2017 general elections.  

Before taking on with ruling Kulmiye party, late Aw Dahir was a dominant figure in UDUB that swept to power in 2000s.

Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo expressed his heartfelt condolence to bereaved families, and Somaliland people at large. 

Opposition and politicians conveyed similar condolatory messages over the loss of late Abdi Aw Dahir.  

Somalilad, located in northwestern Somalia declared its independence from the rest of the country as a de facto sovereign State in 1991 but it has not been recognized internationally yet.


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