Somalia: Somaliland leader urges calm after deadly clan clashes in Sool


HARGEISA, Somalia-Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo has urged an end to clan clashes in northern Sool region on Monday, Garowe Online reports. 

In a televised message shortly after Somaliland troops forced ceasefire between warring clan militiamen, President Silanyo called on traditional leaders and Islamic scholars to mediate in the deadly tension as soon as possible.  

“I call for the immediate cessation of [clan] hostilities. I ask titled elders, Islamic scholars and intellectuals to mobilize themselves and stop the spilling of blood,” said Silanyo. 

On Sunday, fighting claimed at killed at least 10 fighters from the opposing sub-clans in the village of Dharkeyn-Genyo, 70km west of Sool regional capital of Lasanod.  

Local clan elder Haji Abdullahi Hirsi Adan told GO that relative calm has returned to the village after death toll in clan fighting surged to 30 in two days. 

Long-running animosity due to a series of clan revenge attacks triggered the battle, sources with direct knowledge of the saga told GO. 

Puntland has made no comment on the clan fighting so far despite calls for restraint by lawmakers hailing from Sool region.  

Moreover, the fighting forced hundreds of villagers already ravaged by months of El Nino-induced drought to flee homes.


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