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Somalia: UCID party Candidate holds Campaign rally in Las Anod

By Staff Reporter , GAROWE ONLINE
UCID Party Candidate Feysal Ali Warabe holds a campaign rally in Las Anod city

LAS ANOD, Somaliland - The flag bearer of UCID party Feysal Ali Warabe has made a public election campaign rally in Las Anod city, the regional capital of Sool on Sunday, Garowe Online reports.

Dozens of UCID party supporters waving flag lined up outside Las Anod on Sunday to welcome Feysal Ali Warabe under tight security, according to a resident who spoke to GO by phone from the city.

Warabe accompanied by top UCID party members, including his Vice President candidate, Professor Ahmed Abdi Muse Abyan were warmly welcomed in the city by his supporters dressed in party colors.

The Presidential aspirant addressed hundreds of people, including local traditional elders and other officials, and asked them to vote for him in the forthcoming Somaliland polls scheduled for November 13.

He has expressed hope for winning the votes of the people in Sool, as his front-runner Vice President Abyan hails from the conflict-riddled region.

Speaking at the election campaign turnout, Abyan has vigorously accused the rival Politician parties, Kulmiye, the ruling camp, and WADDANI led by former Somaliland Parliament speaker, Abdirahman Irro.

Abyan added that the two parties have failed to bring a tangible change to Somaliland, a breakaway republic that has not yet been recognized Internationally as it declared seceding from Somalia in 1991.

For his part, UCID Presidential candidate said Kulmiye and Waddani are hampering the unity of Somaliland, warning residents of Sool region against voting for their runners competing for the Presidency.

Las Anod has witnessed election campaigns by Kulmiye's Muse Bihi Abdi and WADANI contender Abdirahman Irro in the past days, as the election is moving closer to the deadline, November 13.

The upcoming vote which becomes the 6th has been marred by nasty campaign statements the candidates that could tarnish the Somaliland's fragile democracy, International reputation.


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