Somaliland arrests youths for waving Somalia flag


HARGEISA, Somalia - Local authorities in the breakaway region of Somaliland arrested over 50 youths in Eerigabo areas for reportedly waving Somalia flags as they renounced the leadership of the self-declared state, which is yet to get international recognition.

For some time, residents of Sanaag and Sool region have fought to be recognised as part of Somalia, but Somaliand authorities maintain a firm grip in the area. Recently, the SSC-Khatumo team fought Somaliland as they declared 'divorce'.

The youths marched through the streets leading to scuffles with Somaliland regional security teams. The security team them arrested a number of them, insisting that legal action ought to be taken against them for 'breaking the law'.

"People in Erigavo cannot be incited with tribalism. This is a great nation, and the flag that stands is that of the blessed republic. We are all ready to die for it," said Ahmed Abdi Muse, the governor of Sanaag region, who was appointed by Somaliland's president.

Later, the security committee warned against complaints following arrests, stating, "Do not complain; we will bring the accused before the court. If your children are implicated, they will face legal consequences."

This comes as Abdiqadir Ahmed Ali Firdhiye, the leader of SSC-Khatumo asked the federal government of Somalia to recognise the region as a state within Somalia. The region declared its allegiance to Mogadishu, away from Hargeisa.

He accused Somaliland authorities of creating divisions in Somalia for its 'selfish' interests while insisting on a unitary state. Somaliland, he adds, has been undermining the unity of Somalia as a country.

"We have engaged in dialogue with the federal government, and a statement has been issued. We agreed that we must fulfill our responsibilities, and the federal government must adhere to its constitutional obligations," Firdhiye said.


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