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Somaliland executes three, including two from same family over murders


HARGEISA - The breakaway Somalia region of Somaliland executed three people including a woman and her son convicted of murdering a woman inthe region, officials said on Sunday.

A court in Somaliland found the woman Muna Mohamed Abdullahi and herolder son Mohamed guilty of burying Ruqa Said Ayanle alive in theirhouse after arguments over unsettled debts two years ago.

According to witnesses the woman and her son were tied to poles withtheir faces covered with black mask in an open ground before maskedfiring squad shot them at a close range.

The enclave has also executed a man convicted of killing a military official in the region last year.

The executions, the latest carried out by Somaliland this year has drawn condemnations by the international community including the European Union which warned that capital punishments would serve a setback in the progress made in spreading the rule of law in Somaliland.

The development comes one week after the region has also executed four soldiers convicted of committing separate murder cases.

Somaliland has also executed six prisoners found guilty of murders last year.