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Ilhan Omar endorses Senator Sanders' White House bid

By Abuga Makori in Nairobi , Garowe Online

WASHINGTON - Somali-born US Congresswoman IIhar Omar has formally endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' bid for the United States of America presidency, with 13 months to polls, Garowe Online reports.

Sanders, 77, is running against 18 other Democratic Party hopefuls with the Democrats expected to pick a candidate who will challenge President Donald Trump by July next year.

Campaigns have intensified across the US, with former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren being among top contestants in the Democratic Party primaries.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Omar, a former refugee at Dadaab, expressed optimism that the self-confessed social democrat Sanders is best suited to take over.

"Bernie is leading a working-class movement to defeat Donald Trump that transcends generation, ethnicity, and geography. I know this from experience," she said, adding that he's a progressive reformer.

Further, Omar added Sanders' policy on the immigration system and urge to fight against inequalities makes him the ideal candidate for White House in 2020. She Also lauded his healthcare manifesto.

"Bernie supports guaranteeing healthcare for all, creating a humane immigration system that doesn’t treat immigrants like criminals, and ending forever wars. He is fighting for America we deserve," Omar added.

The Minnesota 5th District representative has been at loggerheads with Trump, often accusing him of violating the rights of immigrants through draconian legislation.

Sanders is the longest-serving independent in US history having served as a congressman for 16 years in Vermont before his election to the Senate in 2006. He caucuses with Democrats.

In 2016, Senator Sanders' lost narrowly to former First Lady and Secretary to the State Hillary Clinton, who eventually lost in Electoral College votes to greenhorn Trump during national polls.

Should he still cruise over in Democrats contest, Senator Sanders will still face the unrelenting Trump of Republican Party. On Wednesday, Trump dismissed Democratic Party aspirants as 'clowns'.

"Our record Economy would CRASH, just like in 1929, if any of those clowns became President," tweeted Trump, accusing Democrats of sabotage.

In acknowledgment, Sanders hailed Omar as a 'leader of strength and courage', adding that his team will form a winning coalition in November 2020 polls.

"@IlhanMN is a leader of strength and courage. She won't back down from a fight with billionaires and the world’s most powerful corporations to transform our country so it works for all of us," he tweeted.

Recently, Trump accused Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ocasio Cortez of causing 'troubles' in America. In a statement that was widely condemned, Trump also asked them to go and 'fix' their native countries.

Omar was first elected in 2016 to the Congress, becoming the first Muslim woman to join Congress along with Tlaib, who was born in Palestine. Recently, Israel blocked the two from visiting the Gaza strip.

She had a short stint in Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp before getting asylum in the US. Recently, she hit headlines after she moved to court for a divorce with her husband, Ahmed Hirsi.

The split follows allegations from August that Omar was having an affair with a political consultant, Timothy Mynett, who worked for the Congresswoman's campaign.


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