Kenya: Al-Shabaab destroys Communication Mast in Mandera


MANDERA, Kenya - Suspected Al- Shabaab militants destroyed a communication mast at Daba City in Mandera South Sub-County.

Mr Danniel Bundotich, the area Deputy County Commissioner said the incident happened between 1:30am and 2:30am Wednesday.

“A loud explosion was heard and police reservists guarding the mast reported an attack at Daba City by suspected Al-Shabaab militants,” he told the Nation by phone.

He said none of the police reservists was injured in the incident.

“The police reservists were overpowered by the attackers as they engaged in gunfight but none was injured,” said Mr Bundotich.


According to the deputy county commissioner, the attackers, numbering between 14 and 20 escaped on foot into Somalia, seven kilometers from the mast.

“Our response team including the Kenya Defence Forces, administration and Kenya police units is still pursuing the attackers and we are getting support from inside Somalia too,” he said.

A social hall built by a Chinese company in 2015 in the area while in search for oil was also torched by the attackers.

“We suspect the attackers plan to plant explosives on the road or hijack buses plying the Elwak-Wajir-Nairobi road but we are ready to deal with them,” he said.

He urged locals to share information with security agencies when they see suspicious incidents or movement of foreigners from neighbouring Somalia.

“We are getting information from the locals, most of them fear of repercussions because Al-Shabaab sympathisers live among them,” he said.

He urged the local community to work with security apparatus in the area so that security can be improved in the area.

On Monday, two military officers were killed and seven others injured when their Armoured Personnel Carrier was hit by a landmine at Damasa area a few kilometers from Elwak town.

Source: Daily Nation

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