Police release photos of 38 terror suspects on the run


Kenya: The Government has released photos of 36 terror suspects on the run and urged members of the public to share any information they have with the authorities.

Interior Ministry Spokesman Mwenda Njoka says the suspects are likely to be injured following attempted attack at a KDF camp in Baure, Lamu County. 

All the 36 suspects are unidentified and are members of Jeysh Ayman fighters. Jeysh Ayman is an Al Shabaab elite group that targets Kenya. The police, at the same time, released five profiles of identified Al Shabaab militants, who were involved in the recent attack at a KDF camp in Lamu. The five are; Ahmed Mueller, Ramadhan Kioko Aka Abu Nuseiba aka Pinji, Thomas Evans Anthony aka Musa Uk, Lukman Osman Issa aka Shirwa and Said Hemed Abdalla.

Two of the militants, Lukman Osma Issa and Said Hemed, were killed by KDF soldiers during the attack.

Among those identified is a 43-year-old German national, Ahmed Mueller, based in Somalia and a member of Al Qaida.

He is currently on the run and probably injured after they attempted to attack Baure military camp in Lamu.

Mueller is believed to have gone to Somalia in late 2011. In 2012, it was reported that he was planning to undertake a suicide operation on an unknown location.

According to police report, he is one of the few Western foreign fighters in Al Shabaab, who survived Ahmed Godane’s purge. He is suspected to have been involved in Mpeketoni attack in June, 2014.

The second profiled militant is Ramadhan Kioko aka Abu Nuseiba Aka Pinji. Kioko went to Somalia in 2008 during the inception of Al Shabaab.  He is described as battle hardened because he has frequently fought at the frontline with the militia.

In 2012, he took his 10-year-old son to join him in Somalia. He is now aged 13 and still in Somalia. Kioko, who hails from Nairobi’s Majengo area, is a close associate of Ahmed Iman. He is married to Hawa, who is also in Somalia, thus making them a complete family of Al Shabaab militants. Police describe the family as unique and a rare situation in terrorism circles.



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