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How can Somalia PM win the political infighting?


In theory the real politics is how you make right compromise with right kind of arrangement then implement it and vice verse. Dirty business politics is always loaded with the scenarios of all bad articles including individual favoritism though neighborhood with spoil system and   by far,  its the fastest dying commodity on earth.

The rifts that erupted  between president and prime minister is not new on the ground, it became normal custom in the last 14 years, but  the row between PM Abdiwali and President Hassan  had not matured when the Prime minister terminated the cronies of the president but further got long due  and those who think it did they gravelly mistaken  .

To make the story short, the humiliating reshuffle met by the likes of Farah Abdiqakir further worsened the battle and both of them engaged getting rid of each other but none of them get merit in doing so earlier enough.

 Prime Minister purportedly violated the powers of the president when he removed one of the president’s allies  and made the president to hand off the constitution .

It sounded like a trigger to the President and ample opportunity  enriches DAM-JADIID mind to eliminate PM Abdiwali off the position  but his plans was messed up that why ousting failed quickly when the motion made by Hassan’s parliament allies  got snub because politics is a like a war you cann,t go with half-baked that means you must go beyond recognition if the victory is you final decision  and here plan A get stuck .

Political battle intensifies

Disastrous plan B lands both men are similar for exhaust  , some Cabinet minsters who aligned with the President risks their positions when they send a request to the prime minster stating resignation.

For the prime minster he should have some strategy in hand  if these cabinets insist their decision  but before he does any further action prime must make sure to have some parliaments  as allies for new his new Government’s  vote of confidence .

The ‘de facto’ opportunity for the PM

The euphoria shouldn’t be left dead ,there are ample opportunities to harness for the prime minster  he must  win the battle

Prime minster should publicly tell his plans about the way forward for the nation and keep his inspiration over the sustained propagandas and follow actions by not letting his war and his victory backfire in view point of  the more PM addresses publicly and more support he gets.  

He can have some strategic cards to defeat and one of  these is sympathy and solicitude shown by his supporters locally and internationally .his tweets got popularity and extreme boost.


He is having the support of  UN ,EU and USA so he can make this his second attempt  to paralyze his opponent  . he can dig up his grave by making him his defeatist because president’s mind will be dominated by negative scenarios

Fourth attempt to win is the Constitution it self , he can invoke his right on these and terminate all sub-ordinates who are cronies with the president  and nominating his own allies who will play his side . because article ‘’’ 100’’ sub-article B in Somali constitution states: “Prime appoints cabinet minsters and dismiss  them with no condition to consult with the president ‘’ to create an environment that sounds positive to support his decisions

The hypothesis I have is that majority of the Somalis didn’t approve the Constitution so he can publicly educate them about the constitution and constitutional nature surrounding the case.

While the bullying president and his allies (DAM-JADIID) are engaged in vague to declare their weakness as group he has an ample opportunity to prove the president’s mistakes and weakness public.

And for the conclusion in my opinion the Prime has to bear in mind the quickest way to remove the President is to hit him the right angle then the question Is how?   The support of International Community and he can use them  to pressure him (the president )  to avoid the war and finally the president can face travel ban and assets freeze.


By Ahmed Sulieman Hussine ‘’’Diinaari’’’
Twitter @diinaaari

The opinion above is solely the author's and does not necessarily reflect the views of Garowe Online and/or its affiliates.

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