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Somalia: Mogadishu-Hargiesa talks far-off victory


By Ahmed Diinaari

Ahmad DinaariOn those who have been tirelessly and  diligently eyeing Somalia’s development , on December 20, there was a meeting hosted by Djibouti President Mr Guelleh and attended by close-knit individuals from two specific Groups acting on behalf of two People ‘ offshoot of Government led by Hassan sheikh Mohamud and clannish based administration headed by the ringleader from Hargiesa , at a time when the social divisions and distrust among the Somali People is at the peak.

For those reasons I got very skeptical about the true purpose of the meeting because for me it looks like the replication of fictional histories and enmity alliances of late Twenty century , if that wasn’t the case  to avoid suspicion like this the  appropriate approach of matter was to invite all the parties including Puntland or less probably Khaatumo state.

To that end , we all  aware of that Somalis despite being homogenous society in almost the definable characteristics  they are still  divided along tribal lines  due to the social structure that has been established  from centuries back . The majority of Somali People support unity while small ingredients oppose it. Somaliland , the northeastern region belongs to four tribes of which three of them wave to the unity and one opposes it .

Reviving enmity  

Tribal divisions in Somalia remain disastrous, territorial dimension become very popular and every known clan or sub-clan resides in  a defined wall of land .

Moqdasho-Hargiesa  meetings hosted by the likes of Djabouti and turkey missed very key points including its legitimacy  and commonality. Somaliland leader Silanyo has  what he called ” The key of  their project” Meaning that he has the support of all British Somaliland people , their argument are on the basis of independence and decision of his people is unchallengeable.

Whilst all those projects are fragmented and falsely defined, fabricating on the people those reside in sool,sanaag and ceyn who are thirsty for re-unity of the lost Somali unity .

We always talk about issues effecting Somalia like the civil war , for my opinion if the so called talks between Mogadishu-Hargeisa are not  enriched with participative approach and include the talks with all concerned parties like those from northeast Somalia . Those dreams will be added to the ash and will recall twenty years back terror incidents and would slide Somalia back into civil war that will originate from territorial dispute.

SSC, contested areas

The colonialism left some bad hereditary moments that covered a bloodshed era and took away hundreds of lives, and the majors were between Puntland and Somaliland .

The illegal arguments made by Somaliland for the ownership of sool ,sanaag and ceyn region is based on the borders that Britain and Italy left . when they grounded the country they began putting boundaries in place.

Even The doctrine of discovery that thrown legally the colonial ideals is illegal on its origin because Britain pays compensation to some countries they colonized .

Accordingly, this points out that the hypothesis of Somaliland for Ssc is not realistic because who belongs to SSC land is “defined by its people and its people are defined by their originality and Genealogy” though conclusion comes that puntland is the sole ownership of sool ,sanaag and cayn .

For my political perspective those meeting are waste of time rather than a s solution.

If we want to be realistic to bring back Somali unity as practical as reality there are some missed ample points, those are central for those talks including “”reconciliation”” the history that contained some ugly pictures must be opened in a debate in order to clear the way for “forgiveness” among Somali people and in this case it matters most.

Participative approach “”  this matters when realistically talking about Somalia reunification because we are wishing the aftermath of those talks will be the benefits for all , in that sense in order this to be positive for all, Puntland and other stakeholders must be included in the meetings. Unless you do decisions that is better and positive for one group but dishonors the other and its aftermath will remain”Major challenge and unsolved”.

Ahmed Suleiman Hussien (Diinaari)
Twitter @diinaaari

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