Somalia: The 4.5 Shinanigens: Reprieve or Ratings Augmentor


By: Abdiqani Ahmed Farah Dala’aan (PhD)

It’s a reprieve for President Abdiwel Gas; as I put it in a forum I happen to frequent in Spaghetti house, contrary to my partners in an open ended, never produced result fleeting discourse of ours. Divergent to my bearing, some of the protagonist, needles to divulge their names, of the table translated the courageous stance of the president-NO to 4.5 in the 2016 project as ratings augmenter for him.

In my recollection, since the president and his entourage started to commute between Puntland and mogasishu or kismayo for that matter to participate, as the current Federal governments’ endeavor to prepare and put into place the necessary foundations, I am not gonna get into the details of those pillars, for the people to elect their leaders/rulers has fallen through, chain of brain storming meetings with the other so far existing federal states started, there was a cloud of suspicion hanging over his hasty and explicit subscription into the project. For those who’s locus had been one of distrust tried continuously to convince the rest of the forum to believe in them. That the president is in cahoots with FG president Hassan Sheikh and hoodwinks his subjects by giving the impression that he is the vanguard of theirs position – the selection of parliament must be based on prior to civil war existed 91districts.

Researcher by trade, I couldn’t resist to take notice of the public opinion outside the forum. For that rationale I embarked on a short trip to Gardo and Bosaaso and noticed throughout public gatherings, fadhi ku dirir, the issue, among other things, took the centre of gravity of the political discourses. In the social media, some websites continuously hammered the message home: He, the president, already signed, as they put it, 4.5 as modus operandi for the selection of the potential parliament in 2016.

The final fling was when one of his erstwhile friends and a former member of his cabinet blatantly articulated into the radio airwaves that not only the president approved the position of Federal Government, but already and officially signed the document.

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Abdiqani Ahmed Farah Dala’aan (PhD)

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