Al-Shabaab militants raid Kenya's Wajir country, kill one local

Al-Shabaab staged cross border attacks in Kenya since the country's forces invaded Somalia in 2011 [File photo]

WAJIR, Kenya - Suspected Al-Shabaab militants on Tuesday raided Konton village in Wajir East, it has now emerged, with the attack becoming the first on Kenyan soil in as many months. The militants have not attacked the country in recent weeks.

Reports from Konton village in Wajir indicate that the militants stormed a home in the village killing one local from fleeing the scene. Authorities are yet to establish the motive behind the gruesome murder.

The militants, whose number could not be determined at that time, are said to have disappeared into thickets after committing the murder. No police officers or members of the Kenya Defense Forces [KDF] were at the scene at the time of the attack.

Konton location shares a common border with Somalia and the militants have been taking advantage of proximity to the Horn of Africa nation to attack innocent civilians, members of security forces, and at times, senior government officials.

In 2019, at least 12 Administration Police officers were killed by the Al-Shabaab militants within the vicinity of Konton village. The attack on the was one of the worst targeting security forces within the Republic of Kenya.

Reports suggested that out of 11 Administration Police officers in the vehicle, only one survived the 11 attacks.

The officers were on normal patrol between Khorof Harar and Konton village along the Kenya-Somalia border when their vehicle ran over the improvised explosive device [IED]. Other sources indicate the officers were in pursuit of Al-Shabaab terrorists who had stormed Konton center the previous day.

The targets of the attack, witnesses said, were the National Police Reservists based in the center. “The NPRs fought the Al Shabaab militants, while the locals fled the town center,” a witness said.

The police reservists were however overpowered by the terrorists after they ran out of ammunition. It is feared that three reservists were abducted by the militants.

In 2018, the militants also abducted two herders in Konton village only to release them months later following intervention by the elders from both Kenya and Somalia. Northeastern Kenya is prone to Al-Shabaab raids due to its proximity to the Horn of Africa nation.


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