Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed kicks off state visit in Kenya


NAIROBI, Kenya - Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has kicked off his state visit to the Republic of Kenya, a journey which comes amid growing discord within the Horn of Africa, in which the PM is being dragged as the engine behind the disagreements.

In Nairobi, however, Ahmed was warmly received by his host, William Ruto, the man behind the ceasefire in the Tigray region. Ruto played an integral role in the Nairobi Peace Accord, which paved the way for political tolerance in Ethiopia.

Ahead of Wednesday's busy schedule, Abiy Ahmed was taken around by his house William Ruto, getting an opportunity to visit some of the ICT infrastructure within the capital, Nairobi.

"Our intentional investment in ICT infrastructure will ensure that we turn Kenya into a skills-based economy. With the Government’s bias on new and specialized domains, the youth will stay current with emerging industry demands, guaranteeing them income," Ruto said in a tweet.

In the company of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed Ali and his spouse Zinash Tayachew, officially opened the Samasource Kenya EPZ Limited, Nairobi Delivery Centre. Prime Minister Abiy is on a State Visit to Kenya, he added.

Sama boasts itself as one of the "AI companies to be certified as a B Corp, a company dedicated to building a sustainable and inclusive economy." President Ruto is passionate about technical-based education, thus his investment in ICT infrastructure.

The visit could have wider regional implications given Kenya is a senior member of the East Africa Community, an organization which Somalia joined recently. Kenya is yet to issue an official statement over Ethiopia's advances in Somalia.


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