Ethiopian Air Force destroys Tekeze hydroelectric dam in Tigray


ADDIS ABABA - Several areas in the Tigray region of Ethiopia could witness unprecedented blackouts for the next couple of months, following the destruction of the Tekeze hydroelectric power station, which serves many areas across northern Ethiopia.

On Wednesday, the Ethiopian Air Force bombed the station as pursuit against Tigray Defense Forces [TDF] intensified in the Horn of Africa nation, with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed personally joining the war front.

Ethiopian map, an investigative war account that is attached to Egyptian experts, confirmed that the Tekeze dam was indeed destroyed by the Ethiopian forces. The substation is located at 13°21'15"N 38°44'44" E, the experts noted.

The destruction comes amid complaints by Tigray forces that the Addis Ababa administration has also cut off-network in the region following the destruction of telecommunication infrastructure within northern Ethiopia since the war started in November 2020.

Getachew Reda, the spokesperson of Tigray Defense Forces, an outfit of the Tigray People's Liberation Front [TPLF] party, also confirmed the destruction of the Tekeze dam, which partly serves in the neighboring regions of Afar and Amhara.

"The dying Regime of Abiy Ahmed has in the early morning hours of 30th of November has bombed the Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam," he said. "That the Regime in Addis Ababa will do what it can to destroy anything that could benefit the people of Tigray is nowhere more clear."

Ethiopia National Defense Forces [ENDF] has activated operations against TDF months after losing several towns to the Tigray rebels. In fact, the troops have managed to seize several times following the strategic retreat of Tigrayan forces.

The Egyptian experts also confirmed capturing of the historic town of Lalibela by ENDF and the Amhara regional forces after the recapture of Gashena. The capture is confirmed by the official Ethiopian government including the Office of the PM.

"The historic town of Lalibela has been liberated and cleared off TPLF occupation," the PM office said in a statement.

Also, the ENDF and allies launched a major set of offensives to retake areas in the Amhara region. Among others, Gashena, Arbit, Dubko, Molale, Mezezo, Degolo, Were Ilu, Aketsa, and Shewa Robit were recaptured. The Air Force was also involved in these operations.

On the Gashena front, the ENDF and Amhara regional forces launched large attacks after probing the area over the past week. Breaking through the lines at Arbit and into Gashena. Two tanks were captured, both T-55s.

On the Debre Sina and Shewa Robit front, there is still fighting and the exact territory is contested. The TDF and OLA briefly got into portions of Debre Sina over the past week, but the town is now secured. The situation around Shewa Robit may change, experts said.


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