TDF: We are almost there, Tigray shall prevail

Tigrayan rebel forces have made big gains since June [Photo: GETTY IMAGES]

ADDIS ABABA - The Tigray Defense Forces [TDF] have accused the federal government of Ethiopia of desperation, arguing that the war in the country is almost won, contrary to media briefs from Addis Ababa, which they term as "misleading".

In a tweet, spokesperson Getachew Reda said the TDF was making a sober assessment on the ground before striking its target, adding that this was a total contrast to the Ethiopia National Defense Forces [ENDF], who are allegedly targeting civilians.

The forces, he said, are currently making a strategic assessment on the next phase of the war as they fast approach Addis Ababa. The TDF has reportedly seized several parts of the Amhara and Afar regions, but the ENDF has been fighting back to reclaim lost ground.

He said TDF will continue protecting the lives of Tigrayans across Ethiopia, arguing that security of the security of "our people" is indispensable. The TDF has often maintained that they are not ready to dialogue with Addis Ababa.

"While the desperadoes led by Abiy Ahmed are doing everything to have the world take their circus-farcical war games&all-seriously, the CentCom of the Government of Tigray has made a sober assessment of the situation on the ground and made decisions regarding the next phase of our strategic offensive," he said.

"We are not after made-for-tv freak shows; nor are going to settle for anything less than the fullest possible safety and security of our people. We are almost there," added the vocal spokesperson, who served as Information Minister before Tigray People's Liberation Front [TPLF] fell out with Abiy Ahmed.

The remarks come as Abiy Ahmed continues to lead the war from in parts of Afar, vowing never to give up. Ethiopia also accused the TDF of targeting women in the Amhara region, with several cases of rape and torture reported by independent media.

So far, over 1.2 million children have dropped out of school ever since the war started in November 2020. Ethiopia accuses TDF of hostilities but the Tigray rebels insist that Addis Ababa should take the blame.

The Education State Minister, Samuel Kifle said that four universities in Tigray Region, as well as Woldiya University in Amhara regional state, have been shut down due to atrocities committed by the TDF, and students and teachers from these universities have been transferred to other peer institutions.

The State Minister also said that it is necessary to wipe out the TDF forces in a short period of time and focus on the education development endeavors. The Ministry of Education will be working to restore the schools destroyed by the criminal element, the State Minister added.


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