TPLF: Eritrean forces storm Tigray, shell towns


ADDIS ABABA, (GO) - The Tigray People's Liberation Front [TPLF] has yet again sensationally claimed that Eritrean troops are actively engaged in the ongoing war, having allegedly re-entered the fragile northern region of Ethiopia a few weeks ago following renewed fighting. 

Getachew Reda, the spokesperson of TPLF, claimed on his Twitter account that Eritrean troops were taking offensive positions in Western Tigray, adding that they had even been firing shells toward some of the towns under the control of the Tigray local forces. 

According to him, the troops have been sighted in Rama, Tserona, Zalambessa, and Dallol falls, some of the strategic towns within the volatile region of Ethiopia. The foreign forces, he noted, are keen to assist the Ethiopian National Defense Forces [ENDF], who triggered fresh hostilities within the region. 

"Eritrean forces were taking offensive positions in Rama, Tserona, Zalambessa, and Dallol fronts. They have been shelling the outskirts of Adigrat the whole day," noted the spokesperson, who has been updating the world on the conflict, which has left thousands of 9f people dead.

"Our forces have for two weeks now been fighting Eritrean and Abiy Ahmed’s forces in the western Tigray," he added, in what if proved, would necessitate actions from members of the international community, who have repeatedly warned Eritrea.

Although Eritrea is yet to address the latest allegations about participation in the Tigray conflict, Ethiopian authorities dismissed the claims, arguing that "it's just the making of TPLF." The government, however, did not deny bombing Mekelle in recent weeks, leaving dozens of people dead. 

On Wednesday, Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs insisted that Tigray was part of Ethiopia, adding that attempts by TPLF to divide the country were unacceptable and resistible. The government has accused TPLF of causing divisions in the Horn of Africa.

"Every inch of Ethiopia belongs to the people of Tigray, and Ethiopians own every inch of the Tigray region too. Tigray should no longer be a haven for terrorists and land of TPLF impunity," the ministry, which has been incriminated in the ongoing war, noted.

Matt Bryden, a security analyst within the Horn of Africa, pointed an accusing finger at the African Union, European Union, and Igad, arguing that they have taken the conflict lightly despite the loss of thousands of people and displacement of millions of others. 

"Eritrea has fully committed its armed forces to the war in Tigray. The UN, AU, and IGAD must stop pretending this is an internal Ethiopian affair. It is an international conflict with grave implications for regional peace and security, " he said.

The conflict started in November 2020, but the region witnessed some relative ceasefire until ENDF opened fire a few weeks ago. The TPLF, which wanted Kenya to meditate, retaliated by targeting Amhara towns, having accused regional militia of working alongside the national army. 


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