TPLF: Tigray Interim Administration will be established only after mutual consultations

FILE: TPLF spokesman Gatechew Reda

MEKELLE, Ethiopia - The regional administration of Tigray has denied reports that it has already formed a transitional team in line with the Pretoria agreement, noting that such a move will only be effected after "mutual" consultations with the federal government of Ethiopia which is responsible for implementation.

Gatechew Reda, the spokesperson of the Tigray People's Liberation Front [TPLF], said the Interim Regional Administration [IRA] will be formed after intense consultation with Addis Ababa, adding that reports of the transitional team's formation without the involvement of Addis Ababa "flies in face of reality".

"Tigray Interim Administration will be established only after mutual consultations between the parties to the Pretoria Agreement. Reports of the IRA having been established in Tigray without Addis’ involvement flies in the face of reality. Tigray is only trying to do its part, " he said.

Article 39 of the constitution of the federal republic of Ethiopia notes that "every  Nation, Nationality, and People in Ethiopia has the right to a full measure of self-government which includes the right to establish institutions of government in the territory that it inhabits”.

Over the weekend, reports emerged that Tigray People's Liberation Front [TPLF] had announced it has finished preparations to establish Interim Regional Administration pursuant to the Pretoria peace agreement reached between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF in November last year and is awaiting to strike a negotiated deal with the federal government on the IRA.

“The process of establishing an interim government has been concluded from Tigray’s side, the next step is to negotiate with the federal government,” deputy chairperson of the IRA establishing committee Muluwork Kidanemariam told Addis Standard.

According to Muluwork, after conducting various tasks, the committee of nine members set up to oversee the establishment of the IRA held a two-day conference since 02 March, and 400 representatives from across the region have taken part in the formation of the IRA.

Muluwork said, “everything including who will hold what position has been sorted out” adding that, power sharing among the ruling TPLF, the military, opposition groups, and scholars has been agreed upon.

Despite efforts according to Muluwork, to make the IRA inclusive, the conference however was boycotted by the three major opposition political parties operating in the Tigray region, who also invalidated the establishing committee from the get-go.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been pushing for the restoration of peace and stability in the Tigray region, with the Ethiopian National Defense Forces [ENDF] helping humanitarian teams to reach families affected in the recent operation by the troops in most parties of Tigray.

Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2019, has been finding a workable formula for bringing the national leadership together after the Tigray turmoil. In recent weeks, the PM has insisted on magnanimity, noting that the time to rebuild Ethiopia "is here and it is the responsibility of everyone".


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