TPLF withdraws from Amhara as Eritrean troops make advances in Tigray

A member of the Amhara Special Forces watches on at the border crossing with Eritrea where an outdated Ethiopian flag waves, in Humera, Ethiopia. AFP

ADDIS ABABA - The Tigray People's Liberation Front [TPLF] said in a statement that it's withdrawing from the Amhara region which it seized briefly following renewed hostilities, even as Eritrean troops reportedly continue to make advances into the troubled

A statement by the Tigray rebels noted that the withdrawal was "tactical" and could be a strategy to block Eritrean soldiers from seizing northern Tigray. The TPLF is determined to defend her territory while accusing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of triggering fresh fighting in the region.

Eritrea's involvement has triggered anxiety globally, with the US and UK calling for immediate withdrawal of the foreign troops. The Eritrea forces are helping Ethiopian National Defense Forces [ENDF] who have been struggling against the Tigray forces.

“Accordingly, we have made geographical adjustments by withdrawing from Amhara areas we had entered in the direction of the south,” the latest TPLF statement said.

Should pro-government troops continue attacking Tigray territory, TPLF noted, then it will have no option other than to redeploy her forces. Amhara regional militia has also been fighting alongside the national army in the war that has lasted for the last 23 months.

Elsewhere, Tigray spokesman Getachew Reda said on Twitter that his region’s forces had inflicted “tens of thousands” of losses on pro-government units. The reports could not be independently verified given the inaccessibility in the Tigray region.

The re-entry of Eritrea has worsened the crisis even as stakeholders urged TPLF to engage with Addis Ababa to stop the hostilities. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes in a war that has left thousands of people dead according to the United Nations.


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