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Murashaxa Madaxweynaha dowladda Federalka Somalia, Cabdiraxmaan Sheekh Maxamed Maxamud Farole, ayaa Xasan Sheekh ugu baaqay inuu Kurisiga banneeyo..


ku-xigeenka Puntland Cabdixakiim Cabdullaahi Xaaji Cumar Camay ayaa cambaareeyay weerarkii maanta..

In 2011, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan following a 2005 peace deal that ended Africa's longest-running civil war.After a referendum, in which an overwhelming majority of South Sudanese voted to secede, Africa's newest country came into being, the first since Eritrea split from Ethiopia in 1993.

Dadaab was meant as a temporary home for Somalis fleeing their country's civil war. Twenty five years later, it's home to 330,000 people.

During the interview with Head to Head’s Mehdi Hasan at the Oxford Union, Odinga also discussed the issue of corruption within the country.

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