Puntland warns of seismic survey offshore Somalia


Puntland Petroleum and Minerals Agency (PPMA) is very concerned about the illegal activities of two foreign companies conducting seismic operation activities offshore Somalia without the legal and constitutional mandate to do so. PPMA warns the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the two companies – Norway’s Spectrum ASA and China’s BGP Inc. – about the unconstitutional nature of their seismic activities, which could derail the delicate peace and ongoing federalization process in Somalia. PPMA urges these two companies to cease and desist their operation in Somalia immediately and without delay.

In September 2015, PPMA informed the Federal Government, Spectrum ASA and BGP Inc., about its concerns over their illegal and unconstitutional operation. Despite these warnings and concerns, Spectrum ASA and BPG Inc., decided to collect data from Somalia’s Indian Ocean territorial, contiguous and economic exclusive zone (EEZ) (see the PPMA’s legal arguments attached here). As a result of that, any data collected under this unconstitutional scheme is stolen data. In addition, PPMA warns international oil companies, potential payers and current underwriters that if buying any data from these companies equates to illegally obtaining stolen property belonging to the Somali people that was collected dishonestly and illegally by Spectrum ASA and BGP Inc.

PPMA is aware that there is a sinister interest and pressure groups operating in Mogadishu and Nairobi who, in partnership with international oil companies, are currently working together and pursuing their individual, oil companies, foreign Embassies and personal interests. In addition, PPMA is aware that the interest of these partners is to use the Federal Government system to hold on to power and enrich themselves, to support particular oil companies from particular countries at the expense of efforts to rebuild the Somali nation-state.

PPMA reiterates that the Federal Government is a government put together by the Somali people and which exists within the legal framework of the Provisional Federal Constitution. The men and women who head these governmental institutions are there to serve the people, and should not behave as though they are above the law, that the institution is theirs, that the constitution is irrelevant or that the Federal Government is a tool to achieve their individual and sinister interests.

PPMA is now aware that the seismic operation is close to Puntland State waters. In September 2015, PPMA warned the Federal Government, Spectrum ASA and BGP Inc., that they cannot enter Puntland territorial, contiguous and economic exclusive waters to collect data without the permission of the Puntland Government through its line agency – the PPMA. The Agency also warned the parties that Puntland security forces would board any vessel from these companies that illegally enter Puntland waters and will subsequently arrest the crew onboard these vessels. We strongly repeat these warnings. PPMA will use any means that is legally necessary to stop Spectrum ASA and BGP Inc., from entering and stealing data from Puntland waters. PPMA is also aware that the Jubbaland State of Somalia has sent a similar warning to the Federal Government, Spectrum ASA and BGP Inc.

The letter and legal documents sent to the Federal Government and Spectrum ASA in September 2015 are attached here for reference.

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For further information: Issa Farah, Director-General of Puntland Petroleum and Minerals Agency (PPMA) can be reached at: dhollowaa@gmail.com or +61394998685 or +61432385585.

Issa Mohamud Farah, Director General Puntland Petroleum and Minerals Agency (PPMA)

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