Somalia: U.S. lauds government's efforts to promote Al shabaab defections

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MOGADISHU, Somalia - The United States has commended the efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia to facilitate the defections of former and current al-Shabaab members, Garowe Online reports.

The United States said in a statement that it supports a Somali-led process of degrading Al-Shabaab’s influence using a comprehensive approach, including through high-level defections, reconciliation, and improved governance and service delivery.

The U.S. encourages the Somali government to continue to create pathways for al-Shabaab members to reject terrorism and join efforts to build a peaceful and prosperous country for all Somalis.

The statement comes two days after former Al shabaab deputy leader and spokesman, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali "Abu Mansur" has surrendered to Somali authorities, and renounced violence, in a press conference that he made in Mogadishu on Tuesday, August 15. 

Robow has defected from the Militant group following a fall out with late Al shabaab emir Ahmed Godane in 2013 over ideological differences and retreated to his homeland, Abal, about 18Km west of Hudur town in southwest of Somalia.

The Federal government of Somalia has welcomed Robow's defection Al shabaab, and called on the Al-Shabaab commanders to renounce extremism and join the peace process and Nation building.


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