ISIS militants killed in Somalia's Puntland as war on terror intensifies


BOSSASO, Puntland - The Puntland Security Forces [PSF] heightened the fight against ISIS extremists who have been pushing to control the northern state, but whose efforts have often hit a snug due to vigilant security forces in the region.

On Friday, PSF dislodged ISIS militants from their hiding base in Timirse village, with officials hailing the gain as an "important achievement" in the operations to make Puntland a terrorists-free region in Somalia. The region is considered the safest in Somalia.

During the operation, security forces said, four ISIS militants were killed instantly after exchanging fire with security forces. In the process, reports further indicated, two Puntland Security Forces officers were critically injured and are now being treated in various hospitals.

The PSF commended the great role locals have played in their support of the troops, including but not limited time always giving the soldiers intelligence on the operations of the militants. The locals, PSF said, should always work closely with security forces.

This comes just a fortnight after the PSF raided ISIS bedrock regions after the team was targeted by the militants in a convoy in Hamure and Balidhidin villages, leaving one soldier critically injured. The troops were conducting operations within the villages in pursuit of the militants.

And in a quick response, the troops with the help of other security forces in Puntland embarked on a mission of tracing the militants, killing them in the process. The militants often carry small to large-scale sporadic attacks mainly targeting security forces in Puntland.

One of those killed was a bomb maker and another one had a camera with him. One of the videos in the camera had the scene where a bomb blast had targeted security forces and the militants also had explosives in their possession which were confiscated during the operation.

"Two explosions today targeted a convoy of PSF vehicles near Hamure village in Balidhidin, Bari region, injuring one soldier. After quick response by the PSF, with the support of other PL security agencies, ISIS fighters responsible were traced and killed in action," read the statement.

"One of the ISIS fighters was a bomb maker and the other had a camera, meant to produce propaganda videos. One of the videos in their possession was that of the explosion from earlier in the day. Other equipments and explosive materials were also recovered at the scene."

Puntland Security Forces have been intensifying war against militants in recent months, targeting both the IS-Somalia and Al-Shabaab militants, whose presence in the region is minimal. But particularly, it's the IS-Somalia team that has suffered immense losses.

Not long ago, the security forces have killed foreign fighters with ISIS in the Golis mountains. The US military only carried an operation once in the state, but largely, the PSF has taken charge of most areas, flushing out the militants from their hideouts.

Former Al-Shabaab-turned-ISIS-turned defector Said Abdulle Dilib told state media on Al-Shabaab messaging and recruitment. When Al-Shabaab wants something from you they’ll give all that you want, they will try to keep you, he said.


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