Somalia: Al Shabaab attack on Puntland army base, security checkpoint [More Details]


BOSSASO, Somalia, May 5, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Somalia’s Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group has claimed responsibility for grenade explosions in the Gulf of Aden port city of Bossaso and raid on nearby army base, Garowe Online reports.

Citing senior Al Shabaab official, Pro-militant news site said Al Shabaab was behind the two apparently coordinated terror attacks.

Yalho attack: Casualties

Two Puntland government soldiers died in the raid on army base in Yalho village, some 45km south-east of Bossaso port city, with medics at Bossaso General Hospital telling Garowe Online that three soldiers, with one in critical condition are receiving medical treatment.

Al Shabaab militants destroyed armoured fighting vehicle and Toyota surf, and razed a building as well as shallow water well on which locals had been reliant for potable water.

US-trained Special Forces (Puntland Security Force) uncovered three soldiers who went missing from Yalho army base during the deadly raid on Tuesday morning.

Puntland Security Forces have pushed themselves deeper into jungles in units to track fleeing militants, residents told GO.

With trivial soldiers’ presence, Yalho which is sandwiched between rugged terrain of Galgala and Sugure valley is also a base for vigilantes meant for temporary encounters against Al Shabaab fighters.

Grenade explosions at security checkpoint

At least three gunmen armed with hand grenades and AK-47 rifles attacked a strategic security checkpoint in New Bossaso neighborhood. Gun-battle following the grenade explosions left a civilian bystander killed and two others wounded.

Conflicting reports indicate that one wounded attacker is being confined at Bossaso General Hospital.

Some sources have confirmed to GO that the suspected Al Shabaab assailant in the hospital is believed to be an ordinary resident hit by stray bullets while hanging out at restaurant ner Netco junction.

On April 18, Somali militant group claimed credit for attack on Balade police station in Bossaso. 


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