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Somalia: Puntland calls its representatives in the FGS for consultative meeting

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

GAROWE, Puntland – The President of Puntland Said Abdullahi Deni has on Friday called all state’s representatives in the Federal Government of Somalia for an urgent consultative meeting amid a fallout, Garowe Online reports.

During a press conference in Garowe, Deni accused the FGS of violating the country’s constitution and plans to destroy the federal system in a likely setback to efforts to pacify the nation emerging from two decades of conflict.

The lawmakers and ministers representing Puntland in the Federal parliament and cabinet have been asked to arrive in Garowe on March 15, for consultation on the state’s future and its role in the implementation of the federal system.

The president criticized the central government for failing in the fight against al-Shabab, leading the terrorists to infiltrate into the national security agencies and massacre people in front of the presidential palace in Mogadishu.

“The national army trained to fight the terrorists is now being used to destroy and de-stabilize the Federal Member States that have long enjoyed peace and security with the aim to turn the people against their governments,” said Deni.

Puntland accused the Mogadishu government of refusing to share power and foreign aid with the regions in line with the country’s federal structure, as well as taking its eye off the fight against al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants.

In addition, the FGS has been reluctant to discuss the constitutional review process, the share of power and natural resources as well the electoral law and justice system with the Federal Member states, according to the president.

In the past, Somalia’s ministry of education has been widely criticized after rejecting the issuance of the national certificate for high school graduate students in Puntland, a move that violates the citizen’s rights and constitution.

On Thursday, February 6, Puntland shut down the office of Somali Independent Electoral Commission [NIEC] in Garowe and will remain closed until further notice, a statement from the Ministry of Interior said, citing "electoral law dispute".

Puntland’s move raises the prospect of other States the following suit, in particular, Jubaland in the far south where FGS has been deploying troops to the Gedo region in the past few weeks and seized control of Dolow and Balad-Hawo near Kenya’s border.

There was no immediate response from the central government.

Analysts say the resolutions are the latest political setback by the central government which is trying to partner with the international community to stabilize the Horn of Africa nation.