Somalia: Puntland Commandos release seized El-Bur bound vehicles


Garowe, Somalia – Puntland commandos have released technicals and bullet proof vehicle destined to central Somalia following talks with Nugal clan elders, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland commandos in August have seized four technicals and a bullet-proof Toyota Land Cruiser bound for Somali government troop’s allied militias in El Bur town that is fighting Al Shabab militants group in central Somalia.

Since the start of the crisis Puntland government didn’t negotiate with Puntland commandoes to release the vehicles from its custody, but clan elders and politicians who hails from Nugal province intervened in the situation and their efforts to end the seizure crisis ended successfully today following two weeks talks.

Sources confirmed to GO that Puntland commandos have transferred the vehicles to Nugal clan elders, as they will hand it over to Puntland government.  

The seized vehicles were embedded in a ship carrying food aid for Puntland, Interim Galmudug Administration (IGA) and Hiran region in August. Puntland commandos blamed the situation on Puntland government for unpaid salaries and negligence to repair military trucks used by Puntland army.       

Puntland civil workers and security forces have in several occasions protested against unpaid government salaries and entitlements in the past years.


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