Somalia: Puntland Democratization Minister hands over office


GAROWE, Somalia, March 2, 2015 (Garowe Online)-As Somalia’s north eastern state of Puntland is preparing for a transition into multiparty elections, Democratization and Federal Affairs Minister Sahra Saed Nur handed over office to a deputy minister, Garowe Online reports.

Nur who resigned over alleged meddling by President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali in clan affairs on January 24, officially left her post on Sunday, conferring interim responsibilities to Deputy Democratization Minister Abdirahman Abdi Ismail.

“I resigned for personal issues but really I didn’t vacate the post due to other reasons. I am Puntland native, I am Somali and you can’t help the community only through the government,” she told reporters when asked about the matters besetting her resignation.

Moreover, Puntland Democratization Minister told that much more needs to be done in the coming four years.

In late January, GO learned that Nur stepped down after President Ali allegedly side-lined her clan’s titled elder.

On December 9, 2014, Puntland parliament unanimously endorsed 24-clause Electoral Commission bill following intense debate that saw the role of Democratization Ministry ministry voted out.


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