Somalia: Puntland MPs demand emergency session over security lapse


GAROWE, Somalia, May 12, 2015 (Garowe Online)-More than 20 MPs in Somalia’s Puntland parliament have demanded emergency session over what they described ‘the worsening security situation, imminent political threats and long overdue pays’, Garowe Online reports.

In a letter bearing the signatures of 21 MPs of the 66-seat-chamber and sent to GO, the MPs requested Parliament Speaker to call for the emergency session in light of the constant Al Shabaab attacks in Bossaso, unpaid salaries of government forces and civil servants and imminent threats from external sides on Tuesday.

“The state is facing serious security threats, and they continue to gain momentum by day in light of the latest events including the deadly capture by the enemy of Yalho village, the self-declared administration of Somaliland’s encroachment which edged closer to Garowe and the near-daily Al Shabaab attacks in the commercial city of Bossaso,” read the letter.

Citing article 65 of Puntland constitution, MPs said the extraordinary session is necessary ahead of the next parliamentary session on June 15.

“Having seen the complaints of forces and civil servants, and having assessed the political dangers facing Puntland,” said the MPs, adding that they request urgent parliamentary consultations on the prevailing matters.

Puntland MP, Abdiasis Saed Mohamud said, he’s is concerned about the security in greater perils on May 9.

Bossaso saw wave of Al Shabaab attacks, mainly targeting security forces and night raids on residences of senior government officials. 


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