Al-Shabaab attack KDF base in Somalia as bomb blast kill two in port city

Al-Shabaab combatants on patrol in the south of the Somalian capital of Mogadishu. [Photo: Abayomi Azikiwe]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Al-Shabaab militants attacked a Kenya Defense Forces [KDF] Forward Operating Base in southern Somalia on Wednesday in a rare ambush that comes after weeks of stability and peace in the region.

Residents reported heavy fighting at the KDF Forward Operating Base in Hosingow which is found within Sector II of African Union Mission Forces [AMISOM] in Somalia. The base is under the control of KDF.

According to reports, KDF troops exchanged fire with the Al-Shabaab militants who wanted to run over the base, with the fight lasting for several hours. Details about the casualties remain scanty but it's reported that the militants were subdued.

The KDF, AMISOM, and the federal government of Somalia are yet to issue a statement with regard to the latest ambush by the Al-Qaida-linked militants. In fact, the military rarely gives details on operations or ambushes.

It's not the first time the militants are trying to run over or attack a KDF military base within Somalia. In 2016, the militants attacked El-Adde Forward Operating Base run by KDF, killing over 200 soldiers according to reports.

A year later, the militants also attacked Kulbiyow FOB in Jubaland killing over 70 KDF soldiers. In return, the KDF has managed to liberate several towns within Somalia, killing thousands of militants in the process besides capturing quite a number of the attackers.

Elsewhere, at least two people were killed in a blast in Marka, Lower Shabelle region.

The explosion, which is said to have been heard in some parts of town, took place in Awale Garage in Marka’s Wadajir neighborhood with reports saying that the blast was a remote-controlled landmine.

At least two people are said to have succumbed to injuries sustained during the blast while several others are wounded. Marka locals reported having heard heavy gunfire from government soldiers stationed at Marka police station near Awale garage after the incident.

There was another landmine blast at Ambareso area near Barawe port city on Thursday morning, targeting anti-al-Shabaab militia group, per the former district commissioner Aden Omar.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast. However, Al-Shabaab is known for such cowardly attacks across Somalia and Kenya.


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