Egypt pledges 'full support' for Somalia


CAIRO - The Egyptian government has reiterated its full support for the federal government of Somalia, noting that the two countries will continue to work closely on various fronts, ranging from security to socioeconomic development and other areas of cooperation.

Egyptian Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli declared the commitment during a meeting with Elius Sheikh Omar Abu Bakr, the ambassador of Somalia to Egypt and the New Administrative Capital.

During the meeting, Madbouli emphasized the need to support Somalia in achieving security and stability, adding that Somalia is a 'brother in need' who needs assistance from Cairo, particularly on matters of security.

Ambassador Abu Bakr, who is wrapping up his tenure in Egypt, thanked Egyptian institutions for their support. He emphasized Somalia's ongoing need for Egyptian assistance, particularly given the political and security challenges it faces.

Early this year, Egypt pledged support to Somalia after the controversial agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia, which if fully implemented, would see Ethiopia getting 20 kilometers of the Red Sea for construction of the Naval Base and port.

In return, Somaliland would be recognized as a sovereign state by Ethiopia, marking the beginning of a long journey to independence. The deal is already undergoing implementation, but Somalia has warned Ethiopia about the arrangements, terming them 'provocative '.

Egypt and Turkey are some of the countries that have declared full support for Somalia and even pledged to deploy warships to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Ethiopia has remained mum about the MoU despite pressure from the international partners to withdraw the agreement.


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