Somalia: Foreign forces conduct airstrike against Al Shabaab in Southern Somalia


KISMAYO, Somalia- Military forces thought to be US military units have carried out an overnight raid on Al Shabaab bases in southern Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

Reports reaching from Kismayo city, regional capital of Jubaland, indicate that US forces swooped into Kanjaron district, located about 45 km west of Kismayo, where Al Shabaab group trains its fighters.

Reliable sources tell GO that several high-ranking Al Shabaab commanders were nabbed in the military operation which also left 5 militants dead.

The assault was followed by an airstrike which targeted Al Shabaab training camps, according to an eyewitness.

Al Qaida linked Al Shabaab militants group didn’t comment on the attack or the causality behind the raid.

United States military forces have carried out several air strikes in southern Somalia in recent months, targeting Al Shabaab bases, which successfully killed many senior leaders of the group.

Al-Shabab militants group are fighting Somali security forces, government officials and AMISOM troops in an effort to topple the western backed government to impose its own brand of government on Somalia.


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