Saudi Arabia airstrikes in Yemen disrupt Somalia flights


MOGADISHU, Somalia, March 26, 2015 (Garowe Online)-As Saudi fighter jets are pummeling Houthi positions in neighboring Yemen, flights into and from Somalia have been affected on Thursday morning according to aviation officials, Garowe Online reports.

The two domestic carriers-Jubba and Daalo airlines-said they were unable to fly in Yemen airspace on account of ‘Decisive Storm’ operation in Yemen.

Daalo airline passengers got stranded at Hargeisa international airport in the early hours of Thursday morning shortly after Saudi Arabia announced joint military operation against Shiite rebels fighting for wider influence in the poverty-stricken Arab nation.

Meanwhile, Jubba airliner which was due to make a takeoff from the coastal town of Jeddah could not fly over Yemen as civilian aircraft.

An Ethiopian airline was forced to make immediate landing at King Khalid International airport in Riyadh following a takeoff to Addis Ababa earlier today.

The Gulf nation is pursuing no fly zone in neighboring Yemen where Iran-backed Shiite militias are gaining grounds against US-backed government.

More than 10 Arab nations including Egypt and Sudan expressed interest in the participation of Saudi-led coalition against Iranian proxy.

Yemen which shares maritime border with Somalia is a base for what the US considers Al Qaeda’s most dangerous offshoot- a group believed to have links with Al Shabaab militants. 


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