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Slain Somalia activist Almaas' family to hold memorial service in Canada

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

TORONTO, Canada - Almost a fortnight after her unprecedented murder and subsequent burial, family and friends to Almaas Elman will have an opportunity to pay tributes to her, Garowe Online reports.

Elman was shot dead in Mogadishu's Halane Base camp, a highly protected area in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, a move that has sparked tough questions.

IIwad Elman, her younger sister, on Saturday said the memorial service for the slain activist will take place on December 4th in Toronto, Canada.

Describing her as a pillar in the family, IIwad said, "The past week has been the hardest time of my life. I still can't believe she’s gone. I read all your msgs of support, even when I didn’t have the words to reply."

"If you're in Toronto December 4th, join me and my family in celebrating Almaas Elman ’s life," said Elman, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2019 edition.

The family had demanded an investigation to her death, calling for the involvement of the Canadian government, their adopted home.

Last week, Africa Union suspected that the death could have been occasioned by a stray bullet, even after it was established that the bullet used is linked to Somalia police.

"Pending the final report, preliminary investigations indicate Elman was hit by a stray bullet, especially as no firearm discharge was reported within the base camp at the time of the incident," Lt Col Charles Okongo said on Friday.

Further, AMISOM said, 'it will work with FGS, Somali security forces and other agencies to fully investigate the incident'. The final report will be shared to the public.

Before joining the European Union as a communication volunteer, Almaas Elman was a secretary to the Somalia embassy in Nairobi.

Although the family relocated to Canada, she had been involved in peacekeeping missions and the building process of Somalia, which has been without a substantive government since 1991.

"We had been blessed by her energy for the last months. Her memory will be with us," the EU ambassador, Nicolas Berlanga, had tweeted.

Cases of murder targeting high prominent individuals are synonymous in Somalia, with several MPs and ministers have been fell by a bullet before.

Canada plays host to thousands of Somalia refugees. Most of them are accorded political asylum due to political instability back home.

In abroad, a number of them have ventured into politics, notably Ahmed Hussein who is a minister in the Canadian government and Ilhan Omar, a congresswoman in the US.


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