Somali, US commandos raid Al Shabaab base, militants beheaded Elders


TORATOROW, Somalia -- A Somali commando unit backed by US special forces have launched anti terror raid on Al Shabaab stronghold in Lower Shabelle region on Sunday night, killing senior militant commanders, Garowe Online reports.

A local resident revealed to GO, that the allied forces have encountered a heavy resistance, which led to hours-long gunfight around the rebel-held Toratorow town, 120 km west of Somali capital, Mogadishu.

Witnesses told GO that U.S. military used helicopters in the raid and dropped Somalia's newly US-trained "Danab" soldiers on the outskirts of the town to hunt for the militants on foot.

Sources confirmed the death of three high-ranking Al Shabaab commanders in the airstrike targeted on suspected hideouts of Al Shabaab leaders' hideouts.

In another incident, Al shabaab terror group has beheaded two traditional elders at militant stronghold near Bardale town in Bay province of southern Somalia on Sunday.

The Police chief of Bardale Mohamed Isack, has confirmed to the media that the elders have been abducted from their houses last week and found dead later on Sunday outside the city.

Mr. Isack has blamed Al shabaab for the kidnapping and beheadings of the two elders. He said they don't know yet the exact motive behind the brutal murder of the Somali elders.


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