Somalia: ​Airstrikes hit Al Shabaab training camp in Southern Somalia


BU'ALLE, Somalia- Unknown fighter jets have targeted Al Shabaab training camp in middle Jubba province with aerial bombardment late on Wednesday night, Garowe Online reports.

The warplanes bombed Waraha-Dhobley area, which is located around 45 kilometers west of the rebel-held Bu'alle district, where Al Shabaab maintains militias training camps, according to local residents.

There were no reports of the fatalities from the aerial assault overnight.
In the aftermath of the airstrike, armed Al shabaab fighters arrived in the site, in response to the attack, they detained dozens of locals on suspicion of aiding the military jets to carry out attacks on their base.

The air raid happened just hours after Al shabaab lifted a week-long ban on local telecommunication networks in Lower and Middle Jubba regions in southern Somalia, according to GO sources.

Kenyan and U.S. air forces have in the past carried out similar airstrikes targeted Al shabaab bases in south and central Somalia, to back Somali government troops in their fight against Al shabaab militants.


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