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Somalia: Al Shabaab blockade spurs acute food shortage in Wajid

WAJID, Somalia Jan 19, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Deliberate blockade by Al Shabaab militants on Bakool region town of Waajid of southwestern Somalia has spurred acute food shortages and severe malnutrition, Garowe Online reports.
Speaking on VOA Somali Service on Monday, Wajid Mayor Hassan Adan Ali warned of looming humanitarian disaster as a result of 10-month blockade.
Ali added that the worst-affected are aging people and children under the age of 10.
In March 2014, Somalia government airlifted last food commodities to Wajid via AMISOM aircraft.
Somali terror group has sanctioned several towns in central and southern Somalia.
The blockade left hundreds of households more destitute by emboldening worsening humanitarian situation.

Somalia has had no effective central government since 1991 when armed opposition groups toppled the country's long standing military government.


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