Somalia: Al Shabaab claims responsibility for the attacks in Burhakabo town


BURHAKABO, Somalia- Al Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al Shabaab said it killed a senior district official and two soldiers in separate bomb attacks in Burhakbo town in Bay region, Garowe Online reports.

Pro-Al Shabaab media outlets reported that the acting Burhakabo district administrator and two of his security guards were killed in land-mine blast happened at a gathering venue in the town on Sunday afternoon.

On Monday morning, a remote-controlled landmine has ripped through the district police station, killing soldiers and police officers, according to sources.

However, the attack was the second of its kind in Burhakabo district in southern Somalia. Last week the district administrator has died after suffering critical wounds sustained in Al Shabaab group attack.

Meanwhile, Southwest state and Somali government officials did not comment on the Al Shabaab claim about the attacks in Burhakabo town.

The militant group has increased its attacks in recent months against security forces, government officials and allied African Union forces, which could undermine the overall security gains made in the past 5 years, after it was pushed out of large areas in central and southern Somalia.


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