​Somalia: Al Shabaab commander surrenders in southern Somalia


 GARBAHAREY, Somalia- A Senior Al Shabaab commander Mohamed Abdullahi Hashi 'Iiro' has on Monday surrendered to government forces in Gedo region, southwest of Somalia, Garowe Online reports. 

Sources said the defected commander served as head of Al Shabaab's taxation unit in Tulo-Barwaqo village near Garbaharey town, the regional capital of Gedo.

He has defected with large sum of cash from Al Shabaab and handed himself in to the Somali Government. He first made a phone contact with the authorities in the region before eventually giving himself in.

The commander who was received by local security officials, said he regretted being brainwashed by the Al Shabaab group and wanted to live in peace with the rest of the society in Garbaharey town.

Somali military officials in Garbaharey said the government will welcome those who abandon the group adding that Al Shabaab will be wiped out from their remaining pockets in southern and central regions of Somalia.

In 2014, Somali government has offered an amnesty to Al Shabaab members and leaders who it says realized the mistake and renounce violence.