​Somalia: Al Shabaab executes 3 men accused of spying


SAAKOW, Somalia- Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Shabaab group said it has publicly executed three men, accused of spying on the militants for  Kenyan military, serving with AMISOM and American Intelligence agency (CIA), Garowe Online reports. 

The men identified as Abdullahi Ahmed, 51, Liibaan Hussein, 21, Mohamed Salad, 31 have been shot dead by Al Shabaab firing squad in an open area in Saakow district of middle Jubba province on Friday afternoon. 

A self-proclaimed judge for Al-Shabaab's Saakow court said the three had been spying for Kenyan defense forces (KDF) in Somalia and the CIA, and threatened other informants in the rebel-held areas that they will face similar punishment. 

The local residents of Saakow town had been forced by al Shabaab to gather at an open square to witness the live execution of the three men who were collectively murdered by the militants, sources said. 

Early this month, Al Shabaab has carried out similar executions against Kenyan and Somali nationals in the town of Jilib whom the group has accused of providing intelligence information to MI6 and Kenyan military. 

Despite being defeated in the battle and pushed away from the capital Mogadishu in 2011, by SNA and  African Union force (AMISOM), the group continues to carry out sporadic attacks and execute civilians on suspicion of working with Intelligence agencies. 


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