​Somalia: Al Shabaab executes alleged Tanzanian spy in Southern Somalia


JILIB, Somalia- A man said to be a Tanzanian fighting for the Al-Shabaab militant group has been executed in Jilib district in middle Jubba region by the Somali militant group for alleged espionage, Garowe Online reports.

Issa James Mwaisige, the Tanzanian who was one of the foreign jihadists in Somalia has been convicted of spying for the United States and Rwandan Intelligence agencies on the militants' activities.

Mwaisige was executed by a firing squad in Jilib town, about 410 km south of Mogadishu city, according to a new video released by Al Shabaab.

Reports said hundreds of local residents, including women and young children were forcefully called to witness the execution event in Jilib, the main Al Shabaab stronghold area in Middle Shabelle.

Al Shabaab court judge said that the Tanzanian pleaded guilty of all charges against him during the court hearing and subsequently was sentenced to death.

The executed Tanzanian said in the Video that he has received $4,000 from US central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Rwandan spy to orchestrate plots to kill senior jihadist leaders.

The International Rights groups have slammed the courts of the Somalia-based Al Qaeda-linked group of Al Shabaab for lacking legitimacy and imposing harsh sentences.


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