Somalia: Al Shabaab group publicly executes an official in Southern Somalia


JILIB, Somalia- The Al Qaida-linked militant group Al Shabaab has publicly executed a senior official whom it accused of collaborating with Jubbaland state in Jilib district, Garowe Online reports.

Col Salah Bashir Omar, 80, who was convicted of being a member of Jubbaland forces in Afmadow was tied to a pole and shot dead by a firing squad in an open square in Jilib town in Middle Jubba region on Sunday afternoon.

"The Islamic court in Jubba regions carried out the execution of Col Salah Bashir Omar who worked for Jubbaland state Intelligence Agency in Afmadow town," said Al Shabaab Judge during the execution.

Sources said Omar was abducted by Al Shabaab fighters from Afmadow town in Lower Jubba region in November for allegedly helping Kenyan defense forces (KDF) to kill Al Shabab leaders.

Jubbaland state has released a statement concerning the execution of the alleged army officer, and said he was a local traditional elder kidnapped by Al Shabaab from Afmadoo two months ago. 

In Jilib, Al Shabaab has paraded three officials in November 2016, including former Afmadow district commissioner Abdisamad and his son, whom the group said they will face firing squad for working with Jubbaland state.

The militant group was pushed out from key major towns in southern and central Somalia, but still carries out sporadic attacks against pro-government forces and allied AMISOM forces to overthrow western-backed Somali Federal government in Mogadishu.


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